Sinoboom GB?

Sinoboom has announced some changes to its sales team and distribution in the UK and Ireland.

Julie Houston Smyth, its regional manager for Ireland and the UK since September 2020, is leaving to work full time at Lolex, the Sinoboom dealer for Ireland, which she originally established with her husband Trevor Smyth in 2019, as an independent service, maintenance and consultancy firm.

Speaking of the move she said: “I have enjoyed successfully establishing the Sinoboom product in the UK market from what was a standing start, but this new development is exciting both for me and for Lolex as we devote more resources to driving our rapidly growing business forward together into the future.”
Trevor and Julie Smyth

At the same time the company made a brief announcement that it plans to establish its own company in the UK, Sinoboom GB, to - it says - “provide support and leadership for the dynamic mainland UK market.” The company says that the new subsidiary will have its own technical support and sales team, adding that it will be supported by Sinoboom’s UK dealer, Pinnacle Platforms.
How that might work was not specified and Pinnacle which is managed by Tim White and Wayne Lawson were unable to add further comment at this point.
Wayne Lawson (L) with Tim White of Pinnacle

Sinoboom’s European general manager, José Peña, said: “Our thanks to Julie for her energetic and effective leadership in establishing Sinoboom as a premium brand in the UK, we’re looking forward to building on this success as we continue to work with Julie and our soon to be announced UK team."

We will update this article when we learn more of the company’s plans for its new subsidiary.


Rusty Kaylor
This was the Chinese intent from the beginning. Their economy is tanked, leaving them with little place for the sheer volume of equipment they set up to manufacture in a failed attempt to take over an industry. There is no doubt about the intent. The big question is, what are these used China lifts going to be worth at disposal time? I certainly don't believe you can use the same residual values as everyone has been accustomed to.

Nov 21, 2023

Unfortunately this was always on the cards, I feel for Tim and the team as they have they marketed and sold their products for a short time and made a great success.

With a couple of others still selling thorough UK dealers it’s only a matter of time before they start selling direct to the end user/hire companies.

Make the most of it dealers, because you’re success will soon see them taking over the ship fully!

Nov 16, 2023

Of course their aim is to cut out all middle men and get the very last £ of flesh..straight to the end user !

Nov 15, 2023

Another one about to do the same in January after piggy-backing on an established company to gain sales. Then again, their sales peoples route to market was "We will beat any other Chinese brands' prices and you can have 6 months credit too..."

Nov 15, 2023

Interesting concept here.
Some Chinese companies previously built for other manufacturers, then decided they would cut the middle man and build for themselves, sell via dealers.
Now they've decided to cut out dealers and sell direct (I hear another manufacturer is about to announce the same).

I wonder how long it is before they decide to cut out rental companies and do that direct too.

Nov 15, 2023