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Manlift expands in India

Dubai based aerial lift rental company the Manlift Group, has opened a new location in New Delhi, India.

The new business is a branch of the UAE based operation and will offer both sales and rental with or without qualified operators. Manlift UAE is an IPAF member and has an IPAF certified training centre which has trained the recruits for the new operation.
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One of Manlift's JLG Booms working in the region

Manlift’s managing director, John Ashcroft said: "We are excited about this new venture and feel that our services and products will be highly attractive in this developing market."

Atul Sharma finance and operations manager - Manlift India added: "We have been witnessing a recent shift in the construction processes being implemented by Indian contracting firms and developers towards safer and more economic projects. There has been a surge of reforms in terms of time, resources and overheads and how best to achieve targets in the market. Our man lifts considerably reduce the need for scaffolding structures thereby reducing both cost and time."

Manlift, which has Dutch shareholders, now has a fleet of more than 1,200 aerial lifts, operating from locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. The fleet is largely JLG, but also includes models from Upright, Teupen, Genie and MEC. It is also the Teupen distributor for the UAE.