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JLG launches first in new Toucan range

JLG has revealed details a new Toucan mast boom range for North America to be launched at Conexpo next March.

First in the new line up is the 26ft 5”/8.1m platform height T26E which replaces the E26MJ. Replacements for the E18MJ will be added in 12 months or so and it will be around two years before we see the new E33MJ.
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The new T26E is the first of the new Toucan range to be introduced over the next 24 months.

The major improvements on the T26E are its increased width of 45”/1.14m (previously 39”/0.99m) and lower weight 882lb/400kg. JLG says that the machine was already too wide for a single doorway so took the decision to widen the machine and save on weight. Platform capacity is still 500lbs/227kg with an outreach of 8' 8"/2.64m and up and over height of 22'/6.71m.
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Basket capacity is still 500lb/227kg with an outreach of 8' 8"/2.64m and up and over height of 22'/6.71m.

Improved direct AC electric drive means the T26E now has standard 240 amp/hour batteries rather than the 620 amp/hour, helping reduce the weight along with battery replacement costs while retaining the 92 cycles per battery charge.

Tailswing has been reduced from 4”/100mm to 2.25”/58mm and travel speed increased from 2.5mph to 3.4mph. Gradeability has also been improved from 20 percent to 25 percent.

Basket size is 27.5" x 35.4" /700 x 900mm with machines destined for the US fitted with a swing gate entrance.
All machines are to be made at JLG's plant in Tonneins, France.
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T26E is wider at 45” (previously 39”) but the 882lb/400kg lighter.


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