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Crane driver cited

The driver of the truck crane involved that ran through a set of traffic lights in Tampa on September 16th, crashing into a bus and a sheriff's car, seriously injuring a deputy, has been cited for ‘running the light’ and having faulty service brakes.

Kevin Davis, 26, of St. Petersburg, was ticketed last Tuesday for the offences
When asked for a comment by a local newspaper Davis is quoted as saying: "There's nothing to say. They wrote me a ticket. It ain't my fault."

Investigators claim that the crane ploughed through the red light after running over a mattress and that Davis tried to stop but failed.
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The accident scene

Hillsborough County Deputy Deborah Walker was seriously injured and has not yet returned to work. Seven other people suffered minor injuries, including passengers on a local bus.

The three of the crane's four rear brake units failed to operate, while the front ones failed due to a faulty valve from the brake pedal, according to the official report. The report also says that Davis slammed on the brakes, and when that didn't work, he applied the parking brake, which also failed.

The 2002 Terex-Koehring truck crane is owned by Ray Anthony International, after the crash, the Florida Department of Transportation reviewed the company's records and randomly inspected equipment unrelated to the accident.

Investigators found several violations, including: failing to allow proper rest periods for drivers, failing to ensure driver vehicle inspection reports are complete or accurate and failing to keep a record of inspection, repairs and maintenance. The agency fined the company $5,000, the maximum amount for a first fine.

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