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Big Sarens on test

The 3,250 tonne capacity twin boom Sarens SG120 crane is now built, erected and on test.

The massive 120,000 tonne/metre heavy-lift ringer crane was photographed taking a 625 tonne test load out to 120 metres radius on its 130 metre main boom – a 125 percent overload test lift.
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The Sarens SGC 120 lifts 625 tonnes on full boom

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Studio Boule
Hereby the official movie concerning the construction and heavy tests of the crane.

Jun 13, 2012

I have been invited to visit the new SGC-120 at the Ghent site.
I must say :this is an incredible machine: huge and massive! I took some great pictures in high resolution.
If you like to see them : take a look on the

Mar 22, 2011