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What’s wrong with these mats?

Spotted in the USA, possibly Michigan? A boom truck set up on mud with some outrigger mats that create Death Wish.

The crane, which wasn’t working at the time, appears to have been used with a suspended personnel platform – not the best of starts – considering proper fully controlled baskets area available for such jobs.
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A boom truck spotted on site

The vehicle was clearly working on what is soft and muddy ground and appears to be owned and operated by a company called Dan’s Excavating – or at least it has its logo on the cab. Please register to see all images

The ground is clearly not the firmest

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It looks as though the principle application was to be a man basket

Concrete disks with a hollow centre have been used under two of the outriggers which are far from practical, even then one of them has tilted to the point where the machine will shortly slip off. Please register to see all images

The other type of mat is hardly ideal and forces poor set up

And then…..under one of the front outriggers a wood Pallet! As most people would have predicted the pallet did not last long before the outrigger punched through. In fact it probably gave way immediately.
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The pallet does not appear to have worked well.... that's a surprise

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A closer look shows that the outrigger went straight through

One has to hope that the operator that set up did not actually use this machine in this shape? That perhaps he went off to call base and say " I need some proper outrigger mats" ....One also has to wonder why he did not have a set of mats with him in the first place.


And can you believe there are people defending this....


do you know the situation? do you know who was running it?
there could be a story behind the picture aside from your assumption. I have set up our outriggers on sites just so it would be harder to steal the unit. He actualy did not have the boom up in the air so you are again assuming it had been.

The ONLY thing we know for sure. Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.

Safety is key around there but that does not mean the family does not cut coroners still.

Hope that last one was a typo

Apr 30, 2011