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A romantic start to the week

At the Vertikal Press we like to be first with the news, however here is a Monday morning example that shows we sometimes miss out and are late, almost three months late! However the story is a nicely romantic way to kick off the new week.

Back in October Roger Wickens, technical service manager for Nationwide Access and Anne James, a senior PA at the Lavendon group Plc, Europe’s largest access rental company, were married at Kilworth House Hotel, North Kilworth near Lutterworth, The wedding came eight years after they first met and seven years after they became partners, you can’t accuse Roger of rushing things!
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Anne James and Roger Wickens on their wedding day

The wedding ring features seven diamonds, one for each year they have spent together. The best man was none other than, Chris Light another Access person, who for the past ten years or so has run Rapid Access the highly successful Dubai based rental company owned by Lavendon.

Of course if they had invited us to the wedding we might have been swifter off the mark?...

We wish Roger and Anne, two of the nicest people in the industry, every happiness in their life together as man and wife.


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