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Crane tips in Sacramento theme park

A crane has gone over while working on a ride at the Scandia Fun centre in Sacramento California, yesterday while attempting to remove a large component from the ride. - the Scandia Screamer.

We understand from a good source - and have now received photos that appear to confirm it - that the crane, a 70 tonne Link Belt HTC 8675 four axle truck crane, owned by Maxim Crane Works, was lifting a long lattice boom from the top of the pole that supports, it when it lost stability dropping the boom.
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The fallen crane

Local fire crews say that the operator and lift managers underestimated the weight of the arm which pivots on a 25 metre high pole, causing the crane to overturn once it took the load. However photos now coming in suggest that the ground may have given way onder the outriggers.
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This photo suggests the ground gave way

Two men were working on top of the pole, removing bolts to release the arm, which carries a gondola on each end of it, they were fortunately wearing harnesses and lanyards and did not fall, the most serious injury is a broken leg received by one of the two.