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Liebherr multipurpose marine crane

Liebherr has released details of a new crane that serves as both an offshore and mobile harbour crane.

The new hybrid product has been developed in partnership with Liebherr Nenzing, Lukoil–Kaliningradmorneft and Liebherr-Russland and will be delivered by the end of 2012.

The new crane is designed to excel at two completely different applications, on the one hand, the TCC 14000-400 D Litronic can function as a powerful mobile harbour crane for lifting loads of up to 400 tonnes with a 68 metre lift height and 70 metres outreach. On the other hand, it can be driven onto a floating installation, such as a barge, where it is fixed and used as an offshore crane under offshore conditions.
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The new Liebherr TCC 14000-400 D Litronic mobile harbour crane/offshore crane can lift 400 tonnes and weighs 1,100 tonnes

The crane’s special ability comes from the fact that it has been designed from the ground up to cope with both applications, but also incorporates existing Liebherr technology from its offshore and mobile harbour crane product groups.

The undercarriage of the TCC 14000-400 D Litronic incorporates the drive technology from a standard Liebherr mobile harbour crane into a new steel chassis design. The chassis consists of a central X-shaped structure to which four outriggers are mounted.

When used for harbour crane duties and travelling operation chassis is fitted with 48 wheel sets from a Liebherr mobile harbour crane. During lifting operations the crane is jacked on large support units/mats at the end of the outriggers.
The dimensions of the support base are 22 x 22 metres. The crane manages to achieve ground bearing pressures of a standard harbour crane – not only while travelling, but also during lifting operations, this in spite of its total weight of 1,100 tonnes.
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The Liebherr TCC 14000-400 D Litronic will have up to 70 metres of outreach

The Research & Development departments from Liebherr's mobile harbour crane and offshore crane divisions combined their expertise and worked closely with Lukoil–Kaliningradmorneft on the development of this new crane, in order to combine the widest variety of application possibilities without compromising performance in any of them.


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