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Crane overturns in Oklahoma City

A truck crane overturned at a hospital site in Oklahoma City yesterday, while lifting a large cooling unit.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident, although the operator was checked out by an ambulance at the scene and the cooler is probably a write-off, while three cars were badly damaged according to local reports.
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The crane boom came down on a fence

The photographs and information that we have been sent reveals little, however the ‘lie’ of the overturned crane suggests there was some form of failure with one of the front outriggers, most likely – but not necessarily ground related.
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A view over the fence

The crane, a Grove truck mount, is owned and operated by Rent-A-Crane of Oklahoma.

Rent-A-Crane has issued a statement through its attorney Ryan Leonard, following a number of negative local news reports which raised the case of a fatal accident the company was involved in in 2010, It said:

"The incident that occurred yesterday at Deaconess Hospital is under investigation and the company is not able to comment at this time.”

“With respect to the unfortunate accident that occurred in 2010 in Oklahoma City, the Rent-A-Crane family was deeply saddened by the loss of Michael Parsons, who was a highly qualified crane operator and valuable employee. Contrary to recent news reports, while litigation has been filed, Rent-A-Crane is not a party to that litigation and has not been sued. Rather, Mr. Parson's estate and another injured employee claim, among other things, that the accident was caused by a defective crane design and inadequate warnings.”

"Rent-A-Crane remains 100 percent committed to a safe working environment for its employees and customers."