Hitachi Sumitomo to launch 40 tonne Telescopic crawler crane

Less than six months since it launched the eight tonne ZX160LCT telescopic crawler crane, Hitachi Sumitomo has announced that it will launch a 40 tonne unit to join a growing product range of telescopic crawler cranes. The SCX400T as the new model will be known will be shown at this years SED in May.

The new model uses the base machinery from the SCX400HD lattice crawler crane with 810mm bulldozer type shoes and Heavy Duty hydraulic retractable undercarriage.

The telescopic boom is essentially a standard Link Belt four section 32 metre boom from the RTC-8040 Rough Terrain. The unit lifts its maximum capacity at 2.5 metres radius and weighs in at just over 45 tonnes.
The 40 tonne Hitachi Sumitomo SCX400T

The SCX400T will be equipped with large hoists and cable plus a heavy duty slew bearing in order to allow it to be used for certain duty cycle work.

The load chart will be almost entirely structural, due to the high degree of stability that the cranes base provides.

Transport dimensions fully assembled are relatively compact with a 12.47 metre overall length and 2.92 metre overall height but the 3.35 metre overall width, with tracks retraced, while acceptable is perhaps a little wider than ideal on such a fast set up machine.

Hitachi Sumitomo point out that the Telescopic crawler crane offers many advantages for shorter term contracts, being fully self contained for transport by a single truck, fast to get to work, offering unparalleled rough terrain capability, and the safety of crawler crane stability.

The new crane will be sold in the UK by NRC Plant Ltd, which provides product support, sales and hire of the Hitachi Sumitomo crane range. NRC is also working more closely with the UK Hitachi dealer HM-Plant Ltd to provide a full market coverage of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

More details on this new crane after SED.


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