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Wolffkran unveils hydraulic luffer

Tower crane specialist Wolffkran has unveiled an all new flat top hydraulic luffing jib crane – the 166 tonne/metre Wolff 166B.
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Wolffkran's first hydraulic luffing jib tower crane –the 166 t/m Wolff 166B

The new flat top crane utilises a single hydraulic luffing cylinder along the same lines as that pioneered by Jost. It fits into the company’s product range between the 100 B and 224 B – both of which are more traditional luffing jib tower cranes.

The crane is said to be quick and easy to assemble, and if the main top section is separated the heaviest single component is 7.4 tonnes - if left assembled the tower top, jib connection frame and luffing cylinder weighs 13,120kg.

The cab assembly complete with all controls etc… weighs 2.5 tonnes, while the counterweight sections, of which there are six, weight 5.4 tonnes each. Wolff says that the counterweights - concrete as standard or more compact steel as an option - are very simple to install, being carried on a support frame on the back of the cantilever jib.

Minimum radius on full jib is around three metres at which point the counterweight tail swing is reduced to a similar dimension, for a total minimum slew diameter in the region of six metres or so - The minimum 'out of service' circle will be greater than tha though depending on various conditions such as jib length, tower dimensions etc...
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Out of service radius circle is around five metres - three to the front two to the back

Maximum lift capacity is 12 tonnes when dual reeved, six tonnes on a single line, while jib lengths of up to 55 metres are possible - in five metre increments - with a maximum jib tip capacity of 1.8 tonnes increasing to 2.8 tonnes at 50 metres. The standard jib mounted hoist is 60kW and can handle up to 500 metres of rope, all of which can be reeved on the ground before the crane is erected.
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Maximum jib length is 55 metres

The load sensing hydraulics controlling the jib luffing function adjust the luffing speed according to the load it senses, and thanks to efficient design only requires a 22 kW, motor, more than enough power to luff from horizontal to near vertical in 90 seconds.

Product manager Gerd Tiedtke said: “Our goal was to offer the customer a broader bandwidth while improving flexibility and energy balance. Galvanized platforms and railings ensure safe assembly and accessibility of all relevant crane parts. In addition, the 166 B is the first Wolff to be equipped with the new cabin which has been fully optimised in terms of working comfort and safety.”
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The Wolff 166B's new cab


Looks better than the Jost due to the absence of the Jost's ridiculous winch line that overhangs the front of the crane

Jun 13, 2012

Michael Brown
Yet another well thought out design from Wolff its easy to imagine the 166B selling well.

Jun 13, 2012
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