Major Peter Ball

We have learnt of the passing of major Peter Ball, 84, who was associated with Coles Cranes in the 1970s.

An ex colleague of his, Dick Lloyd wrote to inform us while providing some brief information on his life.

“He began his career as a Sapper at the end of WWII, serving in Germany and Korea. In 1970 he left the Army and joined Thos. Storey (Engineers) as export manager, selling the famous Bailey Bridge along with a wide range of Bridging Equipment. The company was part of the Acrow group, which acquired the Steel group, including Coles and Priestman in 1972.”

“As export director of Priestman, I came into close contact with Peter, who became a friend as well as a colleague. He never lost his military bearing, and would use the old army term “as you were” to correct some miss-statement he had made. Together we worked on the famous Acrow Convention Working Demos, when all the equipment from the group companies were displayed in action on imaginary building sites, in particular at Kempton Park in 1978 and Thorpe Park in 1982.”

“Peter’s close association with Coles caused him to be elected to the Cobblers, the ‘Coles Old Boys Been & Early Retired Society’, the only non-Coles man ever to join that select Club. Peter was a warm-hearted and enthusiastic character who had many friends. “

Dick Lloyd


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