First Genie S-3800 in Europe

German rental company Willenbrock Platforms has acquired the first Genie S-3800 shipyard boom in Europe.

The 120ft self-propelled lift went to work on a six month contract at BLG Logistics Wind Energy in Bremerhaven, where it is being used for inspection work and final acceptance of large tripods and components for offshore wind turbines.
The Genie S-3800 boom has gone to work on offshore wind modules in Bremerhaven

Willenbrock has also fully trained a number of the BLG employees on the safe operation of the new lift.

The S-3800, is built in Genie’s plant in China and has a working height of 38.58 metres, an outreach of up to 22.26 metres and a platform capacity of 340kg. It comes standard with a hostile environment package, with protective covers on controls, cables, hydraulic cylinders and slew ring as well as brush covers between boom sections and special salt water protection.
The Genie S-3800 offers a 38 metre working height and up to 22.6 metres of outreach