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Ship crane boom recovered

Three mobile cranes have removed the bent boom of the ship crane on the Nordic Visby that failed in the port of Tauranga, New Zealand last Thursday. Click here to see original report.

Page Macrae Engineering and a team from McLeod Cranes were called in to remove the bent boom. The used three All Terrain cranes – all Grove- a GMK5170 in its 100 tonne configuration, a GMK5130 in 100 tonne configuration and a GMK4075 rigged in 50 tonne configuration to carry out the work.
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Three Grove All Terrain cranes were called in to remove the bent and twisted boom

The removal, carried out on Saturday night, was made especially difficult by the fact that the 16 tonne boom was twisted, as well as bent, making it very difficult to disconnect it from the crane.

The incident seriously injured one of the crew, but we are happy to report that he is now out of intensive care and remains in a stable condition in a ward.
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The boom - weighing 16 tonnes is lifted clear in a complex tandem lift