Riding containers in Sochi

Spotted by a reader in Sochi, Russia, in December, a man being lifted with a long set of lifting chains. He was then dropped onto a container and after slinging it rode it over to the drop zone.
Up goes the human load

As if that was not bad enough the stunt was significantly compounded by cold, wet and windy weather.

On top of all this the crane operator was apparently in a hurry, possibly on a productivity bonus… and operating at the crane at speed, giving our rider a thrill, he may or may not have wanted?
Riding the container in wind and rain

Our man in Russia reports that later on the same day he witnessed a larger mobile crane travelling with the boom in the fully raised position with outrigger jacks a good 50mm clear of the ground.
And down hopefully without incident

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.


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