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Crane operator injured

An operator was injured this afternoon when his crane overturned and his cab was damaged in Grand Meadow, Minnesota
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A view from the side

The crane a 550 ton seven axle Grove GMK7550 owned by Dawes Crane and rigging was rigged with most of its boom and a jib and working on the routine repair of an existing wind turbine when it went over. The crane looks to have been well set up and it is assumed that the wind took the load out of radius, although we have seen no firm evidence of this, and some reports we have received claim that the crane was not lifting a load at the time.

We now understand that when the crane tipped part of the counterweight came free and smashed into the back of the cab, ripping it in half and throwing the operator out, seriously injuring him. He was airlifted to hospital where he is reported to be in a stable condition and that his injuries are not life threatening. UPDATE: The man was released from hospital the following day and taken home to recover.

The crane was working on a wind farm owned by Next Era Energy. Osha is investigating the incident. We will update this article as and when we receive more information.
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The operator's cab was badly damaged

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The crane was rigged with a jib


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