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Fatal tower crane collapse

Two men died on Friday when a large tower crane collapsed during erection at a site in Paris suburb of St Germain en Laye, France.
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The scene after the incident occured

According to local reports the two men were in the crane cab at the time when a load noise was heard and the crane jib and back mast went over backwards, causing the two men to fall around 20 metres. One man, 34, was killed immediately, while the other, 43, died from his injuries as he arrived at hospital.
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The top broke away from the tower

Two others standing below were slightly injured in the incident while we have received a few photographs from the scene, they do not add a great deal to the police statement. Although it is clear that part of the tower below the slew bearing was badly damaged.
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Two men on the ground were slightly injured

The crane were was one of several units being installed on the site of a huge water treatment plant for the Paris area being built by Syndicat Intercommunal pour l’Assainissement de l’Agglomération Parisienne (Siaap)


Very stupid mistake been made here, 2 people lost there lives through someone's stupidity

Aug 13, 2014

terry mcgettigan
Would like to see closer / clearer photo of mast top - - - but it look to me like another (senseless) loose and or not complete bolt connection to slew ring. This is a bad habit that has to stop!

Aug 13, 2014

Poor guys, something seems so very un-necessary about this collapse, such a failure right at the point of erection, is it a failure of inspection, failure of components, failure of a safety system ? Lets hope that the families of these men get the answers that they need and deserve and that they get them soon. God Bless

Aug 10, 2014