Vintage Death Wish

A photo sent in by a UK reader shows how taking risks while working at height has hardly changed over the years.

We think that this example actually comes from the US, based on the architecture, and the van has a logo that looks like GE – although not the General Electric logo which dates from 1900. The picture shows a man changing a street light with a set of high steps on the roof of a Model T Ford van. Even then the situation is exasperated by the fact that he has to stretch to reach.
Steps on a Model T Ford and 1920s Death Wish

The rig has been made for the job in that the steps look as though they are secured to a frame on the roof and there is a ladder to access the roof of the van. However the ‘guardrail’ - if you can call it that – on the platform is knee height.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series – even if it is a little late, this is probably from the late 1920s or early thirties.


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