Is this a safe method of work?

A reader in the UK sent us a slightly unorthodox method of lifting roof trusses into place and asks, "is this a safe method"?

He provided no details at all of where it was, and simply asked if this was safe practice? We can see that the photo was taken on Monday this week but that is about it. The man looks to be using a mid-size truck mounted lift and appears to have slung the roof truss to one of the platform's guardrail posts.
Is this a safe method?

Some larger truck mounts do offer a davit crane or boom mounted lifting eyes that can often handle up to 300kg - sometimes more, but this does not appear to be the case here.

We cannot see what type or size of lift it is, but platform capacity might be as low as 250kg, in which case the machine would be close to an overload. However regardless of this the guardrails are not designed to take this type of loading, but at least the load might be acting on the machine’s overload system?
It looks as though the load is strapped to the platform guardrail

If you rent out this type of lift in the UK, you might want to check the guardrails of machines coming back off hire for signs of such abuse.


Good Evening Mr Editor,

Thank you for Publishing this photo of a Palfinger MEWP in use as a Crane to Lift a Timber Roof Truss into position : Homework....ah yes... Homework : So did the CEO of the Employing Company do his own Homework before this particular Crane Lift. That is....

1. Did he produce a Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessment for this Crane Lift ?
2. Did he produce a Method Statement & Lift Plan for Crane Lift of Roof Truss on this site ?
3. Did he comply with all aspects of British Standard 7121 part 3 mobile cranes ?

HSE will infirm that 133 Men and Women Killed at Work in UK during 2013,many of which were Killed during Improvised Lifting Operations, without compliance with the relevant legislation. So lets do all that we can to Drive-up Crane Safety Standards in the UK. As we all go to work to earn Money, not get Killed.
Worker Safety is my Core Value, please lets make it the same in all Organisations ?

With Kindest Regards
Mike Ponsonby BA

Dec 25, 2014

It cant be right to lift it on the basket post can it? the machine may be able to lift the weight but can the cage take the pressure?

Dec 22, 2014

Benny big lift
We need to see more of this in the construction Industry!
Who needs cranes

Dec 17, 2014

Paul 1878
Do your homework ..... The truck mount is one of the Palfinger Jumbo Range and has a basket capacity of 600kg.
It also has the Palfinger lifting attachment fitted which is calibrated to 350kg supplied with a lifting strap calibrated to a 2000kg.
The weight of the roof truses was 300kg. Combined wieght in the basket displayed in the cage 425kg.
The machine and lifting equipment and both designed by Palfinger to do this type of work.

Dec 17, 2014
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