Where’s the bridge

An improperly stowed loader crane struck a foot bridge in Lahntal, near Marburg, Germany yesterday.

The timber transport truck, pulling a trailer was partially loaded with freshly cut trees, and was travelling with the crane partially raised over the top of the wood pile.
The crane took the footbridge a good way down the road

It not only struck the footbridge, which connects a suburb to the main town, but took the 15 metre long structure some 20 to 25 metres down the road and spilled hydraulic oil in the process. Thankfully no one was crossing the bridge at the time.
The crane almost scooped the bridge up as it travelled


These transport related incidents just keep on happening with certified and trained drivers. But the driver needs to be identified in the "Transport Haul of Shame". Thank heavens that no one was injured.

Jul 22, 2015