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Big base but that’s it

Spotted by a reader somewhere in the UK – we think - a man trying to reach the beams of an industrial unit.
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A wide base to the tower but from there on there is nothing very safe about this work platform

He has started in what looks like an over cautious manner giving his tower an incredibly wide and stable base with the use of large A-Frame outriggers. But from then on it all seems to have gone to pieces. He has not bothered with guardrails – not to mention toe boards – and then finding he is around half a metre short he has employed a little step up resting on the single width platform.
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A closer look

Since he has not bothered with guardrails he might as well have put the platform on the top rung although he seems to have gained a little more height with the setup he has. It is hard to imagine what he was thinking, but certainly one for our Death Wish series.
Have a safe weekend


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