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First MLC650 in Korea

South Korean rental company Shinui Petra has taken delivery of the first Manitowoc MLC650 in the country.

Unveiled at Conexpo 2014, the 700 tonne MLC650 features Manitowoc’s innovative Variable Position Counterweight, the standard unit offers a main boom of up 104 metres with a choice of 30 metres of fixed jib or a 101 metre luffing jib for a maximum system length of 157 metres. Shinui Petra also took the additional VPC-MAX attachment enabling the crane to raise up 140 metres of boom 205 metres of boom and luffing jib combination.
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The 700 tonne Manitowoc MLC650 features Variable Position Counterweight

The MLC650’s first job involved the installation of concrete beams for the development of an elevated road. The crane was rigged with 56 metres of main boom, its VPC-MAX attachment, 400 tonnes of counterweight and lifted loads of up to 150 tonnes.

Shinui Petra president Choi Byung Eng said: “When we first saw the MLC650 at the Conexpo 2014 in Las Vegas, my team and I were thoroughly impressed by the unique VPC technology. The ability for this crawler crane to navigate highly congested job sites, coupled with its increased capacity for heavy lifts without traditional counterweight configurations, gives us a strong competitive advantage.”
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The MLC650’s first job involved the installation of concrete beams for the development of an elevated road

Bruce Buchan Manitowoc’s senior vice president crawler cranes added: “The VPC changes the way companies think about projects, it not only enhances crane capacity, but also reduces mobilisation time on the job site which, in the end, saves customers a significant amount of time and money and delivers a faster return on investment to them. The legacy of Manitowoc crawler cranes in South Korea spans several decades and crane owners here have always appreciated the company’s ability to bring new levels of performance to the industry.”