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Kaspersky anti virus

A number of you that use Kaspersky anti-virus software have reported that in the last day or two it has incorrectly flagged up as being infected with a Trojan.

Our web masters and hosting service have given the web site a very very thorough check over, from every single angle, looking for anything that might have initiated this warning. We even followed the links to banners that advertise on the site - just on the off chance that Vertikal might have suffered by association? But once again it all came out clean. No Tojans, no virus, no malware – nothing untoward.

We have reported this fact to Kaspersky and supplied it will all the checking and verifying data and results. So hopefully this will return the situation to normal shortly. The good thing is that the site has come through the checking procedure with an absolute solid bill of health, which is why it is a highly trusted site by all the major search engines.

The only thing that was suggested as a possible cause for this false warning is that someone used the Kaspersky reporting tool to claim that the site had an issue??? Sounds a little bit too conspiracy theory to us, but …… with Bauma on last week perhaps someone thought they might try and cause some disruption???? Let’s hope not, we would rather put it down to the more likely explanation that it was a simple error with the Kaspersky security checking system, than believe it was anything malicious. And after all that it has given us the equivalent of a full medical check, which we have passed with flying colours.

If you are a Kaspersky user you can apparently report the block and that the site has been fully tested and given a clean bill of health. And many thanks for those of you who informed us of the issue.

In the meantime have a clean and safe weekend.