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Raimondi unveils new MRT159

Italian manufacturer Raimondi Cranes has unveiled the new MRT159 flat-top tower crane. The new crane has a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes and a maximum jib of 65 metres. Capacity at the jib tip is 1,650kg. The first units will be delivered next month.
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Raimondi has unveiled the new MRT159 flat-top tower crane

The new crane is said to include numerous new design features which make it easier, safer and faster to erect and install.

Technical director Domenico Ciano said: "The MRT159 has more jib configurations and a selection of three different winches, compared to the Raimondi MRT152, the MRT 159 has more capacity and 25 percent jib tip capacity.

The crane will exhibited for the first time at the Ankomak 2016 exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.
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The 10 tonne capacity MRT159 has a 65 metre jib and a maximum load at the tip of 1,650kg.