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Peri launches three new products

Peri, the access and formwork specialist, has launched three new products - Peri Up - a modular system scaffold, a new rail climbing system and TSE shaft panels for concrete shafts and core construction.

Peri claims that its Peri Up system has the adaptability of traditional scaffold with the ability to erect it behind an advancing guardrail. The system has been designed to overcome the problems of traditional tube and coupler systems which struggle to meet the current Health & Safety legislation and European standards.

Designed as a core kit of parts, the new system is suitable for a wide range of applications including facades, stair towers, shoring, maintenance towers and scaffolds, birdcages and falsework.

Complying with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and the new Euro Norms (EN12810 Part 1 and EN12822 Parts 1, 2 & 3), Peri claims that it is the first system with an advanced guardrail as opposed to a post fit accessory.

The advanced guardrail is erected as part of the normal assembly sequence prior to the scaffolder setting foot on the next deck level.

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The system has an integrated advanced guardrail

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A modular system with adaptability

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The new PERI UP modular system

The system incorporates non-slip steel decks with an integrated wind lock. Individual decks can be removed and reinserted anywhere on the scaffold simplifying modifications.

Ledgers and standards are connected by means of a 'rosette' coupling - secured by a single hammer blow.

All components conform to the guildance of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 2002.

A new rail climbing system has also been introduced. While targeted at international makets, UK safety requirements have been included in the design brief says Peri.

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PERI's new rail climbing system

The central feature of RCS are its climbing shoes which are bolted to the wall. Whether crane handled or self/hydraulic climbing is employed, the climbing platforms are guided by and secured to these shoes. The advantage is that the unit never leaves the wall and in the case of crane handling, the crane is only used to provide the vertical force to move the unit from one floor to the next. Climbing can take place in wind speeds of up to 70 km per hour.

The new TCS shaft panels aim to improve both safety and productivity in the construction of concrete shafts and cores.

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New TSE shaft panels improve safety and productivity

As an accessory to Peri's steel-framed Trio panel wall formwork system, the TSE shaft panel reduces the size of the internal core/shaft formwork by 60mm in both axis providing enough clearance for the formwork to be removed as a single unit, thereby avoiding the time consuming and crane dependent piece by piece removal of the formwork.

The panel doubles as the lifting points for the shaft formwork. Available in three panel heights - 1.2, 2.7 and 3.3 metres - with an overall eight tonne lifting capacity, the TSE shaft panels allow up to 124 square metres of formwork per lift. This ability to lift the inner formwork as one unit significantly reduces crane lifts and associated risks.