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Egi acquired

Egi the specialist truck mounted aerial lift supplier based in Northern France has been acquired by fire fighting vehicle specialist Gimaex. Gimaex was founded in 2003 by Gilles Moreau and Philippe Mis, it also owns Echelles Riffaud, the long established manufacturer of fire ladders along with Gicar which produces fire tender vehicles, largely for airport operations and Bemaex a specialist producer of emergency vehicles and equipment.
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A selection of Egi platforms

The deal was apparently completed within the last six to eight weeks but has not been widely disclosed.

Egi specialises in fully insulated platforms which it sells largely in Eastern Europe, Africa and China. It has also been a long term supplier to EDF the French electrical utility. The company also produces other specialist platforms including fire fighting lift.
It will fit well with the other businesses of the Gimaex group which are all targeted at emergency services.

Egi is based at a 15,000 Square metres facility is located in Charleville-Mézières in north East France and is said to employ around 75. Claude Guillot a past IPAF president has worked with Egi for many years and has always represented the company at international meetings and events.


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