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40,000 photos

Last month we uploaded the 40,000th photograph to the news section of the website.

The exact number of photos available on the site is actually 40,443 as of this morning, but some of these are close ups of the same picture or thumbnails. All of the photographs are used within news stories that have been posted since we began in 2001 – a total of 30,341 new reports posted on a daily basis over 17 years.

The photograph numbered 40000 is actually a Genie SX 105XC used in a story on 1st March.
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The Genie SX 105 XC

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Many thanks for your support!


The total count is overwhelming. I presume they have been titled described given a keyword and cataloged to folders. This month I?ve been doing this work on my miniscule 2,900 pics. I?ve found it to be entertaining and worthy of sorting out the pics that don?t tell a story. Your efforts and diligence are impressive.

Apr 17, 2018
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