170 Genies for Kranpunkten

Swedish rental company Kranpunkten has taken delivery of 170 Genie aerial lifts, part of an investment plan that will see it add 400 new machines in total this year.

Ranging from 19 to 85ft, roughly half of the machines delivered are electric or hybrid scissor lifts, the rest include 60ft Z-60/37 FE hybrid articulated boom lifts – the first in the Kranpunkten fleet - and straight telescopic XC boom lifts.
Some of Kranpunkten’s new Genies

Purchase manager Rikard Jönsson said: “At Kranpunkten, we value the quality of Genie products and the support provided by our local Genie team highly. Over the years, our company has grown successfully with the Genie brand. Sweden has a long track record in achievements that save energy and reduce emissions. Today, environmental awareness is high at all levels, and customers are already conscious of the need to adopt eco-friendly solutions adapted to current demand and stricter regulations. This new Genie delivery comes as part of a long term, customer focused ‘green’ strategy that marks a turning point in our company’s future development.”

“As from 2020, some parts of Stockholm will only be accessible to electric machines and vehicles. At the same time, smaller local municipalities will also be authorised to define their own limitations in terms of emissions and noise. The good news is that with our new hybrid Genie Z-60/37 FE boom lifts and the new generation of e-drive Genie scissor lifts, our customers already have the choice of the productive solutions they need to be competitive in our ‘green’ market without compromising on performance.”

“We acquired our first Genie Xtra Capacity boom lifts last year. Customers were quick to see their productivity benefits, notably for heavy construction and industrial applications where they were immediately under strong demand. With this new delivery, our customers now benefit from a larger choice of models and working heights to support a wider range of their heavier lifting needs.”
Thomas Andersson of Genie (L) and Rikard Jönsson of Kranpunkten

With headquarters in Förslöv, southern Sweden, Kranpunkten also operates from depots in Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The company employs 90.


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