Multi crane tangle

A loader crane lost stability yesterday while lifting a 20ft storage container, in a residential street in Worthing, West Sussex on England’s south coast.

The crane was prevented from tipping over when it came to rest against the truck it was unloading and the container came landed on top on top of a second container on the truck.
The saga begins, the first crane lifts the container from the truck, but it proves to be too heavy and the crane tips onto the delivery truck.

The company that owned the truck and its Fassi F485 crane – SOS or Storage On Site – called in a second truck equipped with a F485 loader crane, to carry out a recovery. It seems that it was unable and eventually was used to help stabilise the stricken crane.
A second crane arrives and according to police attempts a recovery, but it seems that the job was considered to be too much.

It seems that the the second crane was then used to stabilise the first.

A third crane – a larger Hiab then arrived to take the weight of the suspended container from crane number one, and a fourth crane – a smaller Fassi was brought in to lift a rigger – suspended in a harness – to attach the Hiab crane’s slings to the container and unhook the slings from crane number one.
A third crane, a larger Hiab arrives to take the container from the first

A fourth loader crane is used to lift a rigger to sort out the slinging

Finally a Liebherr All Terrain owned by Gearing Plant Hire arrived on site, one assumes to carry out the original job of placing the containers?
Looking at the Sussex police news feeds, they seem to have become somewhat confused and perplexed, as more cranes kept arriving.
A fifth crane - a Liebherr LTM arrives on the scene

The tangle was eventually cleared and the road reopened and as far as we know none was hurt in the incident.
The rigger sorts the slings


Should be billed for police fire and road closure

19 Apr 2019

Tony Fitt
All we need now, is coco the clown presenting the flying trapeze.

19 Apr 2019

Mike Ponsonby is going to be over the moon when he sees this ......... (rolls eyes)

18 Apr 2019

Crane expert
I'd love to use words like 'cowboys' and 'idiots' but it's that much of a complete mess I think I'll be doing them a injustice, hopefully they will get investigated by the HSE and shut down as they shouldn't be allowed near any type of cranes.

18 Apr 2019

Eric L
That is what we in the industry call a giant clusterf*ck.

18 Apr 2019

Michael Brown
Awww come on seriously the best fiction author's couldn't dream this up?

18 Apr 2019
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