Cylcone brings down crane

On Friday Cyclone Fani, One of the most powerful storms to hit India in many years, took down a tower crane working on new 24 storey high rise building in Bhubaneshwar in the state Odisha, south of Kolkata.

It looks as though the two or three tie in frames broke free from their anchor points on the building, leaving the crane free standing. It naturally began to flex in the extreme winds – said to range from 130 to 150 miles an hour - and finally went over, when the tower failed near its base, causing the crane to crash onto buildings below. It is uncertain if there were any fatalities.

We will update this item when we learn more.


It may also be worth noting, that the hydraulic climbing cage was apparently installed on the crane. It adds a considerable weight near the top, and should be at least lowered to the lowest point possible, in this case abowe the highest tie.

May 8, 2019

I agree with Michael, it certainly looks like the wind is striking the crane from it's left side. Of course, the wind speed is extreme, but still I think it might not have been enought to bring down a crane tied to the building and properly set to a free-slewing mode.

May 8, 2019

Sad to see

May 8, 2019

Michael Brown
Sadly another tower collapse in recent time. I pray no one was hurt although i think that would be a miracle. But again it looks to me like human error, the crane is not free slewing in the wind.

May 6, 2019