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10,000 tonner

UK based international heavy lift company ALE will launch its 10,000 tonne capacity SK10,000 heavy lift crane - which it claims will be the world’s largest land crane – at the Offshore Technology Conference in Texas later today.
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The 10,000 tonne AL.SSK350

The SK10,000 uses the same basic design concept as its 5,000 tonne AL.SK350 and boasts a maximum lift height of 200 metres, while offering ground bearing pressures below 25 tonnes per square metre. Details at this stage are minimal, but hopefully further information will be available later today.
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The design of the new crane is based on the company’s 5,000 tonne AL.SK350

ALE’s group technical director Ronald Hoefmans said: “Demand for lifting larger and heavier modules is growing, the introduction of the SK10,000 means that individual lifts of up to 10,000 tonnes are now possible, allowing customers to build larger modules more efficiently in fabrication yards and access a highly mobile and flexible solution to lift them.”


Nice bit of kit

May 7, 2019