Tower crane down in Bangkok

A luffing jib tower crane working on a high rise apartment block in Bangkok, Thailand collapsed this morning, dropping its load and building debris, onto a school located next door.
The jib of the crane remained on the roof

The crane’s load along with bricks and other debris crashed through the roof of the school’s gymnasium, where pupils were having a PE lesson at the time. A number of them were hurt, 10 of them seriously enough to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Nine were later released with minor injuries, while one of them was clearly more seriously hurt, having been hit directly on the head, sustaining a serious head injury, her condition remains uncertain.
Much of the debris landed in the Gym during a PE lesson

The incident occurred at the Assumption Convent School for girls in Bangkok’s Bang Rak district. The crane operator and site manager are being interviewed by police, at this stage they have apparently blamed the crane for malfunctioning.
The load also damaged parked cars in the street and looks to have included a stack of scaffold boards

This is the second tower crane collapse in Bangkok this year, five people were killed in January when a crane came down on a high rise construction project. See Fatal tower crane collapse


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