The demolition of Genoa’s Ponte Morandi

Genoa's Polcevera Viaduct – the Ponte Morandi – was demolished today in preparation for rebuilding. A key part in the preparation for today’s explosion were two 180ft Genie SX-180 telescopic boom lifts from rental company Werent.
Werent supplied two Genie SX-180 boom lifts for the demolition work

The platforms have been on site for the past six months, helping with the demolition work, including the cutting hanging iron and concrete sections free from the remaining part of the bridge, which were then lowered by cranes to the ground, and preparation work for today’s controlled explosion. - See video below.
the SX-180 easily reached the 45 high bridge deck

One of the SX-180 booms working with a larger Terex Demag crawler crane

Enrico Piovan, the depot manager at Werent’s branch in Venice said: “To perform their demolition task, workers needed aerial work platforms that would put them within easy reach of the road surface located 45 metres above the ground level. The job also involved extending the boom across the 18 metre width of the viaduct’s carriageway. Following a thorough analysis and risk assessment, we recommended the Genie SX-180 booms, due to its 57 metre working height and 24 metre horizontal reach and a basket capacity of 340kg .”
a variety of cranes were used on the project

Established in 1996 Werent is based in Bari-Modugno and led by owner manager Michele Marraffa. It runs a fleet of aerial work platforms, cranes and telehandlers with 90 employees at its four locations – Bari, Venice and Ravenna along with a logistics centre in Taranto.


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