New features for GMG

US based aerial lift sales company GMG has made a number of additions to the I-Power 2.0 operating system on its electric slab scissor lifts.

The new features include ‘Ramp Control’, which automatically puts the machine in a low speed mode - when going downhill and remains in low speed mode until it is off the ramp and the operator has turned it off.

In addition, the new ‘Elevated Creep Mode’ allows operators to reduce the drive and steering speeds even further, from 0.5 to 0.1 miles an hour, in order to provide an even more precise movement, when working close to fragile objects, such as glass or ducting. Finally, the manufacturer has also perfected its ‘Variable Steering Speed’ feature which it showed in prototype form in February. It changes the steer speed in relation to the travel speed of the machine.

The company said: “When driving down a steep ramp, such as tilt back trucks, loading ramps, parking garages etc, in high speed mode, slab machines can experience speeds up to two to three times the normal high speed seen on flat ground. The excessive speed can place the operator in an uncomfortable and unsafe situation. This also places a lot of stress on the drive system when the machine tries to stop at these excessive speeds.”

See a clip of the Ramp Control feature below:


@Newsman: It is a shame that such negativity is brought on especially when it comes to safety. We all owe it to the operator and their families to offer safer solutions. Ramp driving, be it from a truck or trailer, loading dock or parking garage has always been a risky venture. The key is to produce safer MEWP’s without compromising performance.
Operators have been requesting an elevated slower speed for some time now, not only does it allow the operator to carefully negotiate the platform around delicate overhead items but imagine how this can be safer around curbs or drop off’s. That is what we at GMG have done, listened to the operators and as a result introduced elevated “Creep Speed” an absolute safer solution.
The same goes for our “Variable Steering”, the machines are much more controllable in high speeds and consume far less battery power helping give GMG MEWP’s often twice or more battery duty cycle compared to most others.
Any time new innovations are introduced they are often met with resistance and negativity, but usually from the competition or those that simply can’t do and that’s ok. There is always your Yugo GT or Flip phone that you can rely on.

9 Aug 2019

Hmmmm, big deal? Don’t think so. Every scissor, controlled by PG Tronics, can do this by simple adjustment of the standard software. Nothing special and not at all inventive. But, despite the sure advantage, serious tech problems can occur as well by having this activated. Not everything is what it seems.

6 Aug 2019
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