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Triple ladder access

Received from a reader in California, a photo of a man installing siding on a house, with the aid of three ladders to create some form of work at height platform.
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He has strapped an old wooden ladder – one section of an extending ladder - horizontally between two aluminium ladders leaning against the building. And is standing on one of the ladder verticals – now horizontal - to work on the façade at a height of around seven metres. It looks like he has a couple of the siding planks/panels suspended from a nail or hook on the studding, and clearly is planning on installing them single handed.

He will also need to raise the horizontal ladder up a few rungs to complete the work – not the safest job on an unsafe project!
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A closer look

The chances of completing this job without incident are fairly remote, but one assumes that he managed to pull it off – this time!
Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


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