Dropping in

Two men had a lucky escape on Saturday, after the 60ft telescopic boom lift they were using broke through the concrete floor of a multi storey car park in Denver, Colorado.

The lift, a Genie S-60 owned by Arvada Rental Alls was being used to clean windows on the buildings from the top floor the underground parking garage, when the concrete surface gave way. The lift dropped into the hole, but fortunately the boom pivot point area of the superstructure caught on the edge of the whole preventing it sliding all the way into the garage. Both men were wearing harnesses and lanyards, and were catapulted out of the platform but caught by their lanyards rather than being thrown across the car park.
The two men had been wearing harnesses and were rescued with a ladder

The incident fractured the car park sprinkler system causing the garage to flood, while a propane tank on the platform was ruptured. The two men were rescued by Denver firefighters using a ladder and taken to a hospital with minor injuries.
Thankfully the lift caught up on the edge of the hole

At one end of the area the boom lift was working from there is a height restrictor stating “Maximum Height 8ft - No trucks” the Genie is almost 9ft high – 2.72 metres - and weighs around 9.5 tonnes.


Craig Ihde
In the US, one can function all day long within the AWP (mewp) industry without any Certification whatsoever ... (and there’s NO across the board training facilities anywhere to get Certification either)

Let’s review shall we, the US has:

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The US has a Voluntary ANSI Standard & toothless OSHA ...

So I ask ... What do you expect?

BTW: everything (and I mean everything) stated above are facts folks ... facts!

Aug 19, 2019
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