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Harnesses in Booms

The UK powered access rental industry turned out in force yesterday at an extraordinary meeting of the Powered Access Interest Group the joint IPAF/CPA group.

The attendees representing 17 companies and a combined fleet totalling well over 20,000 units. A sizeable chunk of the UK industry.

The group is to issue a strong statement on the use of harnesses with short lanyards in boom lifts. Along with a massive campaign aimed at encouraging their use and hopefully helping bring forward the day when they become mandatory for all but a few specialist applications.

The whole point of the harness use will be to prevent the catapulting of operators from the basket of boom lifts in the case that they are struck by a passing vehicle or when dropping off a kerb or in a partial tip situation.

More on this later in the week when the group issues its statement and its action plans arising from the meeting.

Vertikal Poll

Our poll is two weeks old today and so far 488 votes have been cast 379 or 77.7 percent, in favour of the motion that Harnesses wearing should be the law. While 109 or 22.3 percent were against them being mandated by law.

The no vote is a little surprising, and we would very much like to hear from those of you who voted No with the rationale and reasoning behind your vote. We have so far devoted plenty of space to the reasons for yes.. But have not heard from the No’s

Given that the holidays are upon us, we will now run this poll through to the end of the year and kick off In January with a new question.