All new Terex tower cranes

Terex Cranes has unveiled several new tower cranes - including its first hydraulic luffer - at its testing site in Polcenigo, close to its tower crane production facility in Fontanafredda, Italy today.

The cranes unveiled include its first hydraulic luffer, the 12 tonne capacity CTLH 192-12, the first of a new generation of self erecting tower cranes the 4.4 tonne CSE 32 and the new eight tonne capacity CTT 172-8 flat top which replaces the CTT 162.

The new hydraulic luffing jib tower crane, has a maximum jib length of 55 metres, with a jib tip capacity of 2.35 tonnes. The new crane can be used with any of the HD23, TS23, TS21 or HD20 towers. The unit has an out of service radius of eight metres and a minimum working radius of three metres. Terex says it can raise its jib from horizontal to almost vertical in two minutes. The CTLH 192-12 designed in conjunction with its UK dealer Select Plant Hire will be available from January 2020.
The all new Terex CTLH 192-12 hydraulic luffer

Terex also unveiled a new self erecting tower crane design, shown by the first model in the range - the 4.4 tonne capacity CSE 32, which can handle 1.05 tonnes at its maximum 32 metre jib length. Maximum hoist speed is 56 metres a minute. Hook height maximum is 21.5 metres. The first model will be available by summer 2020.
Terex CSE 32 self erecting tower crane

The new CTT 172-8 flat top tower crane replaces the CTT 162 and has an eight tonnes maximum capacity, a maximum jib length of 65 metres at which it can handle 1.71 tonnes on the tip. It will be available in December.
Terex CTT 172-8 flat top

Although tower cranes are the main highlight of today's launch, Terex also showed two recently introduced Rough Terrain cranes, the 44 tonne long boom RT 1045L with a 37.4 metre boom and maximum tip height of 47.5 metres. It also showed the 90 tonne tonne RT 90 the largest in the current range.
The new Terex RT 1045L Rough Terrain crane

Finally, Terex unveiled its new 'Tower Cranes Lift,' an external mounted rack & pinion operator elevator with a 200kg capacity and a maximum lift height of 160 metres. It has a maximum lift speed of 40 metres a minute, and Terex says it is easy to install on any of its tower cranes.
Terex Tower Cranes Lift alongside the new hydraulic luffer

More than 100 customers attended today's product launches


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