Liebherr towers for Japan

Japanese crane rental company Cranetal Noda has taken delivery of five Liebherr 53 K/J tower cranes.

The 53 K/Js have a maximum capacity of 2.8 tonnes and a maximum jub length/radius of 40 metres, at which it can handle 1.1 tonnes. The cranes have been ordered with sufficient tower sections for a 31 metre hook height. The cranes have also been adapted especially for the Japanese market and can withstand earthquakes measuring nine on the Mercalli scale as well as hurricanes of up to 124 mph. Training was provided to Cranetal Noda employees as well as Satoru Ikeda of local crane dealer TAP-Japan.
(L-R) Thorsten Hesselbein of Liebherr, Hirofumi Aoki of Cranetal Noda, Satoru Ikeda of TAP-Japan, Ryoji Sakamoto and Shigeto Fukuda of Cranetal Noda

General manager Hirofumi Aoki said: “We have had many positive experiences with our seven 42 K.1/Js. Our service technicians as well as our customers are extremely pleased with the crane. So it was logical to buy some more of these cranes.”

Established in 1992, Cranetal Noda is part of the Noda Crane group and is based in Ogaki City, central Japan. The company employs around 50 and runs a fleet of approximately 100 tower cranes, as well as some crawler cranes.