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Repeat order for Pacific Logistics

Port contract logistics provider has ordered a second Gottwald G HSK 3432 Model 3 portal harbour crane for the Sollers terminal in Vladivostok, Russia.

The crane has a maximum capacity of 100 tonnes and a maximum radius of 46 metres. Ordered to meet the specific quayside track gauge of 10.5 meters and a portal clearance height of six meters, the crane has also been fitted with an external electric power supply, which the company claims helps to lower operational costs while reducing noise and local exhaust emissions in the terminal.

Ivan Turichenko, Pacific Logistic’s technical director, said: “We bought a Model 3 in 2014 and have been very satisfied with it. It was easy to customize for the special conditions of this harbour and it’s been an essential part of our operations for half a decade. Now we need to increase our capacity. Since we already know the capabilities of this crane, we think another is a good investment.”
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The Gottwald G HSK 3432 Model 3 portal habour crane

Hans-Juergen Schneider, Konecranes Port Solutions regional sales manager, added: “The Model 3 portal harbour crane is growing in popularity. We just handed one over to Sweden. Now we have a repeat order from Russia. This confirms that our medium-sized portal harbour cranes have a clear market niche, with their flexibility of design fulfilling the needs of customers in a wide variety of locations.”

Vladivostok is the largest Russian port on the Pacific coast. It is located on the Trans-Siberian railway, providing a direct transport link to Moscow. Following its delivery next year the crane will be use to handle containers of automotive parts and consumption goods.