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Terex Lanyard warning device available

Terex Utilities has launched the production version of its Positive Attachment Lanyard (PAL) warning device, which alerts the operator and any co-workers when their harness lanyard is not attached to the platform anchor point when operating one of its aerial work platforms. It is now available as an option on the Terex range of Hi-Ranger TL aerial work platforms and XTPro tree trimmer trucks.

Similar in design to automotive seat belt warning systems, the PAL device is intended to reduce the chance of an operator using the platform before attaching a safety harness. This is achieved with visual and audible warnings when the controls are in use and a lanyard has not been attached to the anchor point, however it does not lock out the machines controls.
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Terex Utilities PAL warning device is available on its Hi-Ranger TL and XTPro aerial work platforms

The company has been piloting the product since late 2018 and it is now available on new machines as well as being available to order as a retrofit kit.
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It works in a similar way seat belt warning systems used in the to automotive industry

Director of marketing, Joe Caywood, said: “PAL offers another tool in a line crew’s toolbox to support safe work practices. Terex Utilities has a history of pioneering innovations in the utility market and the PAL device is one such example. When talking to customers, their response was that most of the time when a worker fails to attach the lanyard, it’s an honest mistake. The worker was concentrating on the job and just forgot. We hope that linesmen will consider the PAL device as a friendly reminder in the platform. It’s there to promote safe work practices. Ultimately, we want to eliminate non-attachment events.”