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XGC88000 sets new record

XCMG’s 4,000 tonne XGC88000 crawler crane has completed the world’s heaviest wash tower lift.

The crane lifted and placed a 2,000 tonne washing tower vessel at the Gulei Refining and Chemical Integration Project in Zhangzhou, China. Measuring 102 metres in height and with a nine metre diameter the crane first lifted and positioned the upper half of the tower to allow it to be welded to the bottom half at a height of 50 metres and with less than 20mm allowance between the two sections.

XCMG chairman Wang Min, said: “XCMG is always in pursuit of reaching the higher and stronger goals, the XGC88000 has worked on a dozen of major petrochemical projects overseas and set new records one after another. The landmark achievements will further expand XCMG's presence in the international market and inspire our company to continue to strive for excellence.”
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The size and weight of the wash tower is currently the largest in the world

The crane’s heaviest lift was carried out during its test programme when it managed a 4,500 tonne test load, while a XGC88000 owned by Sinopec Engineering completed the first ever lift outside of China last year when it lifted and placed a 1,926 washing tower in Saudi Arabia – see: XCMG 88000’s first overseas lift.


Stevie P
I hope the vessel wasn't chopped into 2 sections to meet the crane capacity. If so, it begs the question why not use a larger capacity ringer. Welding a vessel of this size together at site should be last resort.

May 27, 2020

And here I was feeling pretty proud of myself for lifting a 500 lb air conditioner onto the roof of a McDonalds restaurant .

May 27, 2020
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