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Walking the line

We recently received a video we received showing one way not to install wooden roof trusses at height.

Three men are placing lightweight trusses that measure approximately nine metres in length and a metre high on top of the walls of the single floor wooden framed building, ready to be lifted and fixed in position later. Two of the man are walking along the top of the outer walls, while a third is in the middle walking the centre partition wall – like three tightrope walkers. They are at a rough height of four to five metres with a hard concrete floor below.

Very little thought or planning has gone into the safest or most efficient method of carrying out this work, and if one should slip or trip, the chances are that all three would fall. In fact the middle man does trip in the video but has sufficient balance to regain his footing. A fall from this height is likely to cause life changing injuries or even death.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe week everyone.


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