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New Power-Pads from TMC

TMC Lifting Supplies, the outrigger mat and lifting gear division of UK’s Crowland Cranes, has added the HD Lite aluminium outrigger support mats to its Power-Pad range.

Manufactured from high grade aluminium, the Power-Pad HD Lite pads have a depth of 100mm with a 50mm base layer of Etha foam ground protection to provide capacities from 60 to 125 tonnes. Weighing only 68kg per square metre, the company said a set of four mats measuring 2.5 by 1.8 metres can easily be transported by most 3.5 tonne flatbed trucks or cranes without exceeding axle weights.

Available in a variety of sizes, features include integrated corner mounted lifting eyes or inset lifting points which allow for multiple mats to be placed side by side and positioned in a modular format if required. Following a series of extrusion and field testing, the company has begun manufacturing the first units for various orders.
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The new HD Lite outrigger support mats are made of high grade aluminium and feature 50mm Etha foam ground protection

The company said: “The Power-Pad HD Lite has been developed to provide a very cost effective solution to transporting large size outrigger mats to site, manufactured in our facilities to suit client sizes or pad gross weight demands. The field results have provided very positive feedback from users and our first orders are now starting to be manufactured and supplied.”
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Inset lifting points allow them to be positioned in a modular format if required

Designed and fabricated at the company’s facility in Peterborough, the new product joins the company’s plastic Power-Pad and steel Power-Pad HD support mats.


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