Three Liebherrs for building firm

German timber building contractor Heims Holzbau has taken delivery of three new four tonne Liebherr L1-32 self-erecting tower cranes.

The L1-32 can handle its 4,000kg maximum capacity at a radius of up to 10.6 metres and a hook height of 21.3 metres, and can take 1,050kg to the 30 metre jib tip. The crane can operate with the jib luffed from horizontal to 20 degrees above for a height at the jib tip of 30 metres and a radius of just over 28 metres. The crane stows with an overall machine length of 13.3 metres - around 16 metres over the tow bar - an overall width of 2.5 metres and an all up weight of 17.2 tonnes.

Mounted on a low speed axle, the company claims it can be towed with 15 of its 17 tonnes of its ballast in place by a single three axle towing vehicle . All three machines went straight to work on residential and light industrial buildings south of Hamburg.
One of Heims Holzbau's new Liebherr L1-32 self-erecting tower cranes

Managing director Benjamin Heims said: “Transport and assembly are quick and easy – and of course it’s a good thing when all employees are always able to work with the same crane. It makes everything easier, quicker and safer for everyone involved.”

“The most challenging job so far has been assembling a crane at an old manor house. Space was so tight at the park like residential complex that other companies had already declined the job. But thanks to our skilled employees, and the help of the new L1-32, we managed it. The compact four metre square base dimensions were a particular advantage in this situation.”
All three cranes were sent straight out on jobs

Family owned Heims Holzbau is based in Drage-Drennhausen on the south side of Hamburg and was established in 2005 by to family members working from home, today it employ 25 and operates from a 1,200 square metre facility, building anything from a car port to an industrial unit.


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