2,600t wind crane for OIM

Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore is to purchase a new 2,600 tonne leg encircling crane from Dutch heavy lift and marine crane manufacturer Huisman, with an option for a second unit. It will be mounted to OIM Wind’s BT-220IU wind installation vessel that the company is building for the Norwegian offshore wind specialist.

OIM’s crane will be equipped with a 140 metre ‘Lambda shaped’ boom, with twin pivot points for an extra wide base for additional lateral stability, merging into a single main boom around two thirds of the way up. Maximum hook height above deck is 165 metres. The crane can handle its maximum capacity at 30 metres radius or take 2,000 tonnes to 40 metres. It is aimed at work on the next and future generations of wind turbine generators and foundations.

Features include electrically power with very high precision operation and positioning, lower maintenance costs, and efficient energy use. A newly developed slew system is also said to help with precise positioning, while a short tail swing to avoid taking up valuable deck space.

The first crane will be built at the Huisman production facility in Xiamen, China and should be on the quayside ready for mounting in late 2022. Huisman will use its 2,400 tonne Skyhook crane to install it.

The BT-220IU wind installation vessel has been designed by CIMC’s engineering office in Yantai in cop-operation with its subsidiary Bass Tech, Sweden, with technical input and market knowledge from OIM Wind

OIM founder and chief executive Oddgeir Indrestrand said: “OIM has been working closely with Huisman over a long period, and we are very pleased to install its state of the art 2,600 tonne leg encircling crane, and more of their products aboard our upcoming newbuilds.”

Huisman chief executive David Roodenburg added: “Huisman is excited to build upon the relationship with CIMC and OIM to deliver this leg encircling crane and support the development of sustainable offshore wind projects. We have great respect for their entrepreneurship and are very proud to be participating in their ambitions for the future.”


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