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20ft Skyjack mast

Skyjack is to launch several new models this week during its virtual Skyworld event. The company kicks off the week by extending its line of mast type self-propelled lifts with an all new 20ft SJ20, which joins its 12ft SJ12 and 16ft SJ16 models.

The SJ20 offers a 7.95 metre working height with 159kg platform capacity, and includes direct electric wheel motor drive and an optional outdoor rating for one person up to just under four metres. Initially only available in North America, the decision on a CE version will be made later and will depend on potential demand. Overall weight is 1,170kg.
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The Skyjack SJ20

The platform uses a new five section mast, with greater overlaps and a single multistage telescope cylinder - so no chains or sequencing straps - and similar to other models the mast is at the rear of the machine, the opposite end to the steer axle. The platform can traverse just over 400mm to provide some overreach beyond the front axle. An maintenance hatch provides full access to all components, including the batteries, while ground clearance has also been improved thanks to a redesigned passive pothole protection system. The SJ20 is possibly the first Skyjack to use direct electric wheel motor drive, with two AC motors mounted on the front steering axle.
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The deck has a 400mm traverse

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The platform floor is steel mesh

Product manager Kristopher Schmidt said: “The SJ20 lift features proportional lift and drive controls with full electric drive, the latter in response to the growing demand for vertical masts with increased duty cycle expectations. The higher height also meant a new five section mast design with a closed multistage cylinder.”
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The front axle electric drive motors

“Similar to our Next Generation DC scissor lifts, our new vertical masts also feature an onboard diagnostic system. By providing operators or service technicians with real time faults in plain simple language, we’ve eliminated the need for plug-in calibration for day to day troubleshooting.”
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The onboard diagnostics screen

“While designing the SJ20, we kept customer demands in mind, specifically the demand for both indoor and outdoor applications. The SJ20 is wind rated for one person up to 3.96 metres, which increases the application possibilities and increases the rate of return for rental companies.”

The competition

The main competitor for this unit is the Haulotte Star 8S which has a fairly similar specification and both have direct AC electric drive, however the Skyjack SJ20 is slightly shorter, with an overall length at 1.37 metres compared to 1.4 metres on the Haulotte. The platform capacity is lower - 159kg vs 200kg on the Haulotte - and the platform length is also slightly shorter. The Haulotte also features a deck extension, with expands the internal platform space to 1.78 metres, while the Skyjack platform traverses – however both units are one person only and both machines offer the same 400mm outreach beyond the chassis. So, all in all very similar machines.

The video below is a walk around introduction to the new machine:

SJ20 - Walkaround from Skyjack Inc on Vimeo.

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