Six Magni 360s for Luibl

German sales and rental company Luibl Rental & Sales has expanded its 360 degree telescopic handler fleet with the delivery of six more Magni 360 degree telescopic handlers which include the 5,000kg/21 metre RTH 5.21 S, 6,000kg/25 metre RTH 6.25 SH, 7,000kg/26 metre RTH 7.26 SH and 6,000kg/30 metre RTH 6.30 SH.

All units are equipped with the latest Stage V diesels with built-in particulate filters and are also equipped with Magni’s Twin-Energy pack, which attaches to the rear of the machine to power all lifting functions from an industrial mains electric power source. Other options specified include four metre extending work platforms and boom mounted winches.
The Twin Energy pack

The company says that the cleaner engines are particularly important for its rental business in Switzerland where cleaner engines are now mandated. Luibl runs a fleet of 360 degree telehandlers that also includes models from Manitou and Merlo.
The Twin Energy pack features its own motor and pump to power the machines lift functions


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