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More Maeda electrics for AMC

UK spider and mini crawler crane rental company AMC has taken a further three 2.8 tonne Maeda MC285CB-3 all electric spider cranes, taking the number of units ordered over the past nine months to six.
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Two of the new Maeda MC285CB-3s

The battery powered Maeda MC285CB-3 Eco features a five section 8.57 metre main boom plus a 500mm extension/searcher hook that takes the maximum tip height to just over 10 metres. The crane retains the same overall dimensions as the regular MC285 but the Eco model weighs less than two tonnes at 1,995kg. The battery powered crane is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides the same performance speeds as the diesel and yet can operate continuously for 8.5 hours and be fully charged in 3.5 hours. It can also be operated while plugged in and recharging. As such it is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for a growing number of companies.
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The MC285CB-3 weighs 1,995kg

AMC - previously A Mini Crane Hire (see: AMC name change) - is in the process of renewing its 60 to 70 unit fleet following its acquisition by Mark Davenport last September. The new cranes will be based at both of the company’s London and Liverpool locations.
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The display screen and controls

Andy Crane of Kranlyft UK said: "It has been a pleasure getting to know Mark although we only met recently due to the current situation, he showed an interest in the new Eco Maeda MC285CB-3 from the very start and is passionate about expanding AMC’s existing fleet of innovative lifting machinery with the latest technology in environmentally friendly equipment. Mark’s first order for three MC285CB-3 came at a great time for the Kranlyft group as it was four months before the release of this new model, and the second order of a further three cranes gave us a great start in the UK market with Maeda’s first Eco machine."
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A perfect application for a battery powered crane

Mark Davenport added: "AMC has many years of experience of operating Maeda spider cranes, they are robust and very reliable. The 285 is the most popular model and we have 15 to 20 units in our fleet, and I was delighted to hear that Maeda was launching an all-electric version. These new units demonstrate our commitment to delivering quality and reliability to our customers, our commitment to growing our business and also our solid commitment to sustainability."

The following video shows some of the features of the Maeda MC285CB-3: